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Start by selecting what you need. Using the style button you can cycle through documents and find what you like.


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Enter the company name. Address is optional. Some payslip styles have limited space so the address may appear abbreviated.


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Enter the employee (worker) name. If you selected a style that includes the address you see an area to enter the detail.


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Enter the NI number and tick the box if employee is older than 65 so NI will not be deducted.



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Work ID is optional as many companies don’t issue one.




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If sure of Tax Code you can enter next. Your code would probably change every April. If using a code issued years ago and it would be very unlikely to remain the same. Unless you are 100% sure leave blank and we’ll use the correct standard code for the date.


If you live in Scotland select the tax region as they use a different calculation for tax.



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Enter how you get paid and how often you get paid. Week, Two Week, Four Week or Monthly.

Note that Four Weekly pay is not the same as Monthly pay and amounts calculate differently.


Then enter the first payslip date and amount.


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You can add extra dates & amounts if required using the buttons (that will appear) below.


Indicate if amounts are Gross pay (before any deductions) or Net pay (take home amounts).


Choose any extra items and we will calculate. Student loan, Workplace pension & Employer NI contributions.


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If you wish to continue year to date figures from a previous payslip enter in the Carry Forward section.


Choose how you would like documents shipped. If you select ‘Email Only’ you get a 50% discount.


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If you’d like a Free Sample before you purchase select option.


Finally enter email & any shipping options and submit.

How to order a P60



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You can then switch between the 4 P60 document styles we provide. The Orange portrait (shown) is recommended if ordering 2016 onward but others are available.


How to Order A P60 Slide 2

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If you would like to see a sample before you purchase tick the box and we forward a copy by email with a payment link to quickly remove the watermark. Any special voucher codes can be entered and discounts will be applied.




Enter the company name & address. If you have the company PAYE Ref enter this.


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Then enter employee details. Enter the national insurance number and check the box if the employee is over 65 then deductions will not be made.

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If you have been issued a special tax code it can be entered. If paying standard taxes it can be left empty and we will use the correct code for the pay year. If not 100% sure it is better to leave empty.


If you live in Scotland there are different pay calculations so select the region and we will use the correct pay tables. Then enter salary details.


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The pay year runs from April 6th to April 5th the following year. The P60 is issued shortly after the year end. Choose the pay year you need.


The P60 displays the employee name as separate fields so detail first, middle (optional), and last name.


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That's all that is needed to create the P60 document. We can calculate everything from the salary already supplied. However if you choose advanced options you can transfer all data from your e-P60. Anything you enter will override our system calculations so only use this if you know what you are doing.


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Then enter the email address to send your PDF copy to and the delivery address if printed copies are required.


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Then you will be transferred to our payment processor if there's anything to pay and we'll forward your documents very quickly.







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