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Replacement Payslip Styles & Prices


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Image of the Standard A3 Style Replacement PayslipStandard A3  Smaller size withouthome address 1 Payslip   £10.002 Payslips £19.003 Payslips £25.00Extras £2.00 50% Discount ifonly the PDF is required SELECTImage of the Standard Style Replacement PayslipStandard STYLE  Smaller size withouthome address 1 Payslip   £10.002 Payslips £19.003 Payslips £25.00Extras £2.00 50% Discount ifonly the PDF is required SELECTImage of the Sage A1 Style Replacement PayslipStandard A1  Smaller size withouthome address 1 Payslip   £10.002 Payslips £19.003 Payslips £25.00Extras £2.00 50% Discount ifonly the PDF is required SELECTImage of the Sage A2 Style Replacement PayslipStandard A2   Smaller size withouthome address 1 Payslip   £10.002 Payslips £19.003 Payslips £25.00Extras £2.00 50% Discount ifonly the PDF is required SELECTSmall image of a Plus Style Replacement Payslip in BluePLUS BLUE Payslip Home address incl. Company address abbreviated. A5 size. 1 Payslip   £10.002 Payslips £19.003 Payslips £25.00Extras £2.00 50% Discount ifonly the PDF is required SELECTPLUS GREEN Short Company AddressFull Employee Address 1 Payslip   £10.002 Payslips £19.003 Payslips £25.00Extras £2.00 50% Discount ifonly the PDF is required SELECTImage of a Prime Replacement Payslip in BluePrime Blue Full Address for Companyand Employee 1 Payslip   £10.002 Payslips £19.003 Payslips £25.00Extras £2.00 50% Discount ifonly the PDF is required SELECTSmall Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Orangeprime orange Full Address for Companyand Employee 1 Payslip   £10.002 Payslips £19.003 Payslips £25.00Extras £2.00 50% Discount ifonly the PDF is required SELECTImage of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Greenprime green Full Address for Companyand Employee 1 Payslip   £10.002 Payslips £19.003 Payslips £25.00Extras £2.00 50% Discount ifonly the PDF is required SELECTImage of a Security Style Replacement Payslip Sealed Closed.SECURITY MAILER  Tear Open. Folded & Sealed.Employee Address. 1 Payslip   £10.002 Payslips £19.003 Payslips £25.00Extras £2.00 50% Discount ifonly the PDF is required SELECT

Find out why so many people choose to create payslips with us


Easy and convenient You can get copy documents in just minutes with only simple pay information Highly competitive prices We leverage our technology to bring you documents of highest quality at low cost with no hidden fees.Data privacy is paramount Pay details are securely encrypted while creating payslips or a P60 and deleted once your PDF has been created.Free sample documents We know our platform is accurate and easy to use and let customers try free and without risk.Genuine payroll stationery Copies of all pay forms are held in stock for pay years 2009 to current for authentic documents.Money back guarantee If for any reason our customer is not 100% satisfied with their documents, we promptly refund purchase no questions asked.

How our replacement payslip system works

We’ve been doing this a long time. At one time we had a team of people processing email, telephone and snail mail orders. Payment could be online, bank transfer, over the phone, or even  at the counter of a local bank branch.


Some might say it was better. It was definitely more costly and prone to potential errors from conversational misunderstandings. If we operated the same way today we would have to charge higher prices.


Technology has enabled us over time to streamline our business. Providing better quality documents and a faster service, while maintaining a competitive edge.


Algorithms calculate the correct payroll deductions for the last 10 years. You can create current documentation and old items that you may have lost or misplaced.


Many styles of P60 include a fixed date for that year end for example Apr 5th 2019. Once stock of those documents is gone it can be difficult to get printed copies for older years. We buy bulk stocks for all and currently hold the popular styles for the past 10 payroll years. Your printed documents will match the PDF copy with the corresponding stationery.


Simple or detailed payslips the choice is yours

Enter name and address information for both employee and company. Insurance number, pay amount and special tax requirements. Our software will calculate the payroll deductions and create payslips or P60.


Layouts can be a simple pay match showing pay and deductions for tax and national insurance. Calculate from either Gross salary or  Net pay if only the take home amount is available.


If required build detailed payslips. Options can include hours  worked, pay rate, bonus, commission, sickness or maternity, expenses. Deductions for pensions (EE/ER), healthcare and student loan.


We stock popular styles. Including tear open mailer security style P60 forms or payslips. Printed documents are laser printed on genuine payroll stationery. They match the electronic copies sent by email.



If you need to make amendments later

If you make an error fix any issue by re-entering details using the ‘admin’ voucher code. This lets you re-create items without further payment.


Your satisfaction guaranteed

We have incrementally streamlined our document system over many years and have had great feedback from many satisfied clients who know how well it works... but you don't! That's why we let your try a free sample and offer a 'No Questions Asked' money-back guarantee.


If you're not 100% happy with your items we will immediately refund your order.


Document approval assured

More organisations are now happy to use electronic documents as proof of income. If requested for printed documents they can be difficult to get from the employer. If struggling we can re-create pay summaries. Using genuine payroll stationery, they are perfect to include with your application.


What you need to create your replacement payslips or P60 forms

For a standard payslip format the information could not be easier. Name and optional address for both the employee and company. Dates, national insurance number and salary. The system will calculate deductions, and can reverse calculate from take home pay.


Options can include hours or days worked. Rates of pay, salary, bonus, commission, expenses, maternity or sick pay. Deductions include pension contributions (EE & ER), student loan and healthcare. You build the level of detail you need.



What pay information you need


Start by selecting the style of payslip you want. We have many styles. Some include home address others do not. Then choose the required quantity. Each will be a different date and amounts can vary.


Decide how you would like documents shipped. A 50% discount is available for email only orders.


We let you see your documents as a sample (proof) before you buy. Select option if required.


Company Name (& Address) - This should be the place of employment or head office if a larger organisation. The address is optional and does not suit all payslip styles depending on the layout.


Employee Name (& Address) - This can be in any format i.e Sally James, Miss S James, Sally Ann James. Address is optional. Most payslip styles have a space for the home address. If you do not wish to show, best to choose a standard style.


National Insurance (NI) Number - It may be blank if employee is awaiting a number assigned. If over 65 select option and no national insurance deductions will apply.


Work ID - This is optional as not every company uses one. There's limited space so it should be less than 10 characters.


Annual Salary - If on a fixed salary enter. This is optional.


Pay Period - Show if pay is weekly, two week, four week or monthly.


Period Amount - If both above are select this will calculate. Otherwise enter the pay period figure.


Gross or Net - We need to know if the figures you gave or before tax or after to calculate.


Pay Method - How is the payment made? Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque, BACS or other method.


Tax Code - If employee has a special tax code let us know. Likewise if this is a second job they will use a 'BR' or 'D0' code as a higher rate. Otherwise we calculate using standard tax allowances for the period.


Pay Region - Scotland uses different pay tables to the rest of the UK. If employee lives in Scotland choose that option.


Student loan, pension(s) and employer national insurance contributions are all optional. If included we can calculate or you provide figures.


Carry Forward Amount - If pay changes each time you can enter the year to date figures to continue on. Otherwise we use the first payslip to workout from the start of the payroll year (Apr 6th).


Job Start Date - If employment started after the new pay year on April 6th. We need this so we can calculate the Year to Date earnings for the payslip.


Options - You can keep it simple or add extra items. Choose to add hours & rate of pay, commission, bonus, expenses and healthcare. Anything you select will create a field for each date to enter amounts.


Payslip Date(s) - The date to display on the payslip. This is not always the day of payment.


You can then enter the figures for each date based on the selected options. They can be all the same or different. Figures will carry forward.


Email - Enter address to send your PDF copy documents.


Delivery Address - This will only display if you choose postal delivery.


Submit the form. If you selected sample we will process and forward watermarked documents. Otherwise make payment and we process your order.



Some common questions when making payslips


Can I print the PDF copy? - Yes. You will need to ensure you set print options to 100% original size or it will distort the layout and quality. You will need to cut your A4 paper to size and much depends on the quality of your printer. Our genuine pay stationery would be better.


Do I place an order for each one? - No. Order the quantity you need. You add different dates and amounts. They don't have to be all the same. Currently 13 is the most you can submit on a single order. If you need more place a second order.


Are you able to calculate old payslips? - Yes. Our software uses pay tables from 2005 to the current pay year. We can calculate documents for any dates within that period.


I'm not sure of my details? - You know the important things. Your name, company, NI number and pay amount from your bank statement. With that you can reverse calculate your payslips with a high degree of accuracy.


Will you exactly match my design? - No. We use very popular template designs. We can't offer a custom layout or add a logo. Create a sample to see exactly how your order looks before you commit if in doubt.


How do I get an exact pay match? - You can input your amount and match as Net pay. We reverse calculate deductions to generate the top figure. We can't split that (between bonus, commission, etc) if you need those options. You need to provide the figures for each.


What about earnings to date? - If pay is the same each period it is simple. We calculate to the start of the pay year on the 6th April. If pay is different each time you need to provide amounts to carry forward. If you don't know then order all payslips from April. Tip: You could order what you don't have as a sample first to get the carry forward figures. Then place your actual order.


How can I get a free sample? - The order form includes a tick box. Select that option and we create your order without requiring payment. You receive complete PDF documents by email. There is a watermark. To remove it click the payment link and we send again.


What if my order is urgent? - We are fast. During office hours you will receive electronic copies within 30 minutes. Posted documents usually arrive the next day (although not guaranteed).


What if I mess up? - Whether you bought items or created samples you can amend. We want you to be happy. If it's a small change you can reply to our despatch email. Otherwise re-enter details and use voucher code ADMIN. If there's a recent order in place we run again free of charge.


You offer a money back guarantee? - We only want happy customers. If it's not what you need we refund your payment. There's no song and dance, a quick email is all we need. Feedback is welcome but not required.


Will you price match another offer? - No. We provide great value. We are the only company providing free samples, unlimited amendments, no fuss refunds. We won't disappoint you.









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