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  • FREE Sample. Pay if Happy.

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We send copy payslips by email within 30 minutes. Then decide if you want to buy. Simple, no fuss, professional payroll.


We make it easy to try our service. We're confident we can exceed your expectations. Take a look at our payslip styles below then click the start button to create documents. You'll get high quality documents by email to see if they are what you need.




Replacement Payslip Styles & Prices


Image of the Replacement Payslip Price List 2020. 1 = £5.00 / 2 = £9.50 / 3 = £12.50 Any extra just £1.00


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Image of the Standard A3 Style Replacement PayslipStandard A3Image of the Standard Style Replacement PayslipStandard STYLEImage of the Sage A1 Style Replacement PayslipStandard A1Image of the Sage A2 Style Replacement PayslipStandard A2Small image of a Plus Style Replacement Payslip in BluePLUS BLUE PayslipPLUS GREENImage of a Prime Replacement Payslip in BluePrime BlueSmall Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Orangeprime orangeImage of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Greenprime greenImage of a Security Style Replacement Payslip Sealed Closed.SECURITY MAILER

We set the gold standard for replacement payslips and small business payroll services.


Image of a Small Green Payslip IconIt only takes a few minutes to create documents. Working with gross or net pay we calculate all deductions. Student loan, pension and employer contributions are options. Detailed payslips can include hours, pay rate, bonus, commission and expenses. You get full control of all amounts if you wish to use your own figures.


Play around and create as many samples as you wish to ensure they're perfect. If you purchase items and need to make changes they can be edited without extra charge.


Read also Replacement Payslip Explained for a detailed breakdown of options.


We're sure to have a style to suit. You choose the details to include. If posted documents are required they are laser printed on genuine payroll stationery. We expect you'll be happy with your items. If not we refund your purchase. No fuss, no excuse or need to return. Feedback is welcome but not required. A quick email 'hey guys can I get a refund' is all we need.


No payment up front plus an unbeatable no fuss guarantee make it an easy risk free decision.


30 years of payroll we learned how to provide great products and exceed client expectations.


We've been in the game a long time. Originally providing outsourced payroll services to small business at the start of the 90's. We grew along with the fledgling payroll software industry and gained vast experience of all popular packages over the decades. Along the way we leveraged our own technology to provide accurate, super fast, high quality replacement payslips at the very best prices.


Most of our business is from existing clients. Either repeat orders or by recommendation. Our quality systems prevent errors making it easy to do a great job. If a client makes an error we do everything possible to rectify without extra cost. It's a simple but effective marketing strategy and we would like you to become our next customer.




Let us answer other questions you might have.



Can I print the PDF copy? - Yes. You will need to ensure you set print options to 100% original size or it will distort the layout and quality. You will need to cut your A4 paper to size and much depends on the quality of your printer. Our genuine pay stationery would be better.


Do I place an order for each one? - No. Order the quantity you need. You add different dates and amounts. They don't have to be all the same. Currently 13 is the most you can submit on a single order. If you need more place a second order.


Are you able to calculate old payslips? - Yes. Our software uses pay tables from 2005 to the current pay year. We can calculate documents for any dates within that period.


I'm not sure of my details? - You know the important things. Your name, company, NI number and pay amount from your bank statement. With that you can reverse calculate your payslips with a high degree of accuracy.


Will you exactly match my design? - No. We use very popular template designs. We can't offer a custom layout or add a logo. Create a sample to see exactly how your order looks before you commit if in doubt.


How do I get an exact pay match? - You can input your amount and match as Net pay. We reverse calculate deductions to generate the top figure. We can't split that (between bonus, commission, etc) if you need those options. You need to provide the figures for each.


What about earnings to date? - If pay is the same each period it is simple. We calculate to the start of the pay year on the 6th April. If pay is different each time you need to provide amounts to carry forward. If you don't know then order all payslips from April. Tip: You could order what you don't have as a sample first to get the carry forward figures. Then place your actual order.


How can I get a free sample? - The order form includes a tick box. Select that option and we create your order without requiring payment. You receive complete PDF documents by email. There is a watermark. To remove it click the payment link and we send again.


What if my order is urgent? - We are fast. During office hours you will receive electronic copies within 30 minutes. Posted documents usually arrive the next day (although not guaranteed).


What if I mess up? - Whether you bought items or created samples you can amend. We want you to be happy. If it's a small change you can reply to our despatch email. Otherwise re-enter details and use voucher code ADMIN. If there's a recent order in place we run again free of charge.


You offer a money back guarantee? - We only want happy customers. If it's not what you need we refund your payment. There's no song and dance, a quick email is all we need. Feedback is welcome but not required.


Will you price match another offer? - No. We provide great value. We are the only company providing free samples, unlimited amendments, no fuss refunds. We won't disappoint you.







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